Wednesday 27 August 2014

Plus Sized Modelling Tips

The Model Factory

Plus Sized Modelling Tips

Here are some tips from The Model Factory on plus sized modelling. The Model Factory is a renowned UK photography studio based in Manchester. They specialise in portfolio shoots for aspiring models. Find out more about The Model Factory on their twitter.

When we talk about plus sized models, we're not talking about big, unhealthy looking women - you are still expected to be healthy and well-toned, but they are appreciated and respected for the fact that they are curvaceous women who reflect the average size of most women. This makes them really useful to big clothing brands and niche plus sized brands.
The Model Factory

If agencies were to continue to use only thin people for their promotional work, then it's only natural that this would send out a negative impression to young girls who can be easily influenced. It is simply just not realistic for girls to try and emulate a size 6 or size 8, so plus size give them a healthier example of what an attractive woman might look like. Women have always been under pressure to fit in with a certain media image, the modelling industry expands our minds and allows us to recognise that models are a mirror of the types of women we see walking the streets in everyday life.

The Model Factory is not a modelling agency. Modelling agencies generally look for this type of model that is around a 14 or 16 in a UK dress size. To become a plus size model, you will still need to fit in with certain criteria, the same as would be expected for any kind of modelling. For example, you will need to have a fantastic smile with white straight teeth, shiny well-kept hair and fantastic skin. You also need to work on selling your main points, so good proportions of the curves and long beautiful legs are definitely a bonus if you want to become a plus size model.

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Thursday 31 July 2014

Makeup Tips The Model Factory Modelling Makeup Tips

The Model Factory - Modelling Makeup Tips 

Chose professional threading or do it yourself?

It's best to get it done professionally now and then. If done right, it will transform your face and will only increase your chances to get noticed by a modelling agency. Find out how to do it yourself and you could save money!

Colour your eyebrows?

If you are very dark you may chose to lighten your eyebrows, or darken them depending on what looks best. Some people bleach them with facial bleach to make them less harsh. Don't leave it on too long though if are trying this!

What shape to chose?

Thicker is better and make you look younger, so go easy on the tweezers! For shaping, remember, the arch of your eyebrow should fall directly above the outside of your iris. Never use an eyebrow pencil, you will have terrible completely black eyebrows. Use powder instead of pencil. If your eyebrows are crazy keep them in place with eyebrow gel.

The Model Factory is a photography studio based in Manchester. They specialise in modelling portfolio and fashion photography. Find out more about The Model Factory on their website. Keep up to date with The Model Factory modelling pics by following them on Pinterest.

Friday 27 June 2014

Modelling Art

The Model Factory

Most people see modelling as the last step in photography, but what if you could take your photos further? Imagine taking the perfect modelling photo and then having an artist use that photo as a starting point for a painting. The Model Factory is not a modelling agency, however they have been established over 10 years and have the best photographers and makeup artists in the industry. If you want professional modelling photos that you own, not the agency, contact The Model Factory today. Here are some paintings by Anya, a modelling artist.

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Monday 16 June 2014

The Model Factory

The Model Factory

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